10 reasons to choose AMIX™ as your sports nutrition brand:


  1. TheLargeLife® producer with over 10 years’ experience in the manufacture of sports nutrition products.
  2. Amix™ usesthe highest qualityand the latestandmost advanced technologies ingredients and raw materials.
  3. Amix™ wide catalogue with more than 35 registered patents.
  4. More than 150 products and more than 50 different flavors.
  5. Amix™ Nutrition owns several ranges designed for different people, goals and sports
  6. Amix™ Muscle Core made exclusively for demanding bodybuilders, fitness models and strength athletes
  7. Amix™ Performance special product range focused on endurance sports with high level of physical and caloric exhaustion
  8. Home deliveries from factory without intermediaries.
  9. The best professional athletes trust in Amix ™
  10. Amix™ represents athletes, whose targets are a healthy life style.