For athletes. For everyone.

LargeLife® laboratories in collaboration with the best professionals in the field of medicine and sports nutrition have created the main product range from the leading brand in sports nutrition. AMIX™ Nutrition range of products is approached to all type of people and athletes which look for a qualitative improvement in the performance of their sport and/or health care.

Quality concept. Patents registered.

AMIX™ Nutrition has a wide range of products with more than 100 products focused on several goals and sports. It has been created for all type of people, men and women, professional and amateur athletes. Amix™ Nutrition is a Brand which rules by quality and its products are developed with the best and the more recognized patents worldwide. Therefore it guaranties you the highest degree of reliability to choose your sport nutrition.

Physical and mental health. Beauty and wellness.

AMIX™ Nutrition wide range of products are made of dietetic products suitable for people from a wide range of ages who practice or do not practice a sport. Dietetic products include specific nutrients and herbal extracts which help your beauty, your health and your wellness.

Lifestyle. #YouDecideAMIX

We are absolutely sure AMIX™ Nutrition will satisfy people’s needs, who search a healthy life style and achieve their objectives and do very well in sport.