For endurance athletes. Endurance sports

LargeLife® Laboratories are pleased to introduce our new range of nutritional supplements AMIX™ Performance, aimed exclusively for endurance sports, especially for amateur or elite athletes who are seeking maximum quality and efficiency in their sport career.

High performance and quality to the max

We have dedicated over two years on this new project, paying meticulous attention down to the last detail in order to create a unique product that has been formulated using only the best raw materials in the world, with the most advanced technology to create AMIX™ Performance. AMIX™ Performance has a clear mission, to satisfy the most demanding athletes allowing them to progress and enjoy sport to the max.

Physical and mental strain

AMIX™ Performance is a new range of products much more different than other AMIX ranges. AMIX™ Performance has been perfectly studied, designed and formulated to mitigate the nutrient demand of athletes with high physical requirements, hardwearing workouts and physical and caloric exhaustion.


AMIX™ Performance is ideal for endurance athletes, triathletes, runners, swimmers, cyclists, extreme sports and cross fit athletes, among other sports with a high physical and mental demand.