Rehydrate quickly after physical exercise. Remember that you will continue to lose liquid during recovery through urinate and sweat. You need to drink 1.5 times the amount lost over the next 1-2 hours after exercise in order to achieve effective hydration (for instance, if you lose 1 kg per session, you have to drink 1,500 ml to rehydrate).

Take extra care when it is hot and humid as you will have to increase the frequency with which you drink liquids.

Keep extra fluids and drinks with you throughout the day. Carry a bottle of drinking water with so that you can have a drink wherever you may be.

Take into account how much liquid you lose when you sweat during exercise. If you weigh yourself before and after exercise, you will be able to measure how much fluid you lose. Every kg of weight lost = 1 litre of liquid

Try to minimise the fluid lost whenever you exercise and have a drink whenever possible.