Do not eat carbohydrates for breakfast, a diet low in carbohydrates experiences greater fatigue and less resistance during exercise.

Disorder can also drastically reduce your energy levels. When your life is chaotic, your mind may feel overwhelmed and you may not be able to concentrate and you may feel tired.

Smiling reduces stress while it releases serotonin which are hormones that make you feel good and improve your immune system.

Dehydration causes a reduction in the volume of blood; this means that your heart beats with less efficiency, thereby reducing the speed with which oxygen and nutrients are transferred to your muscles and organs.

An iron deficiency can make you feel weary, irritable, weak and unable to focus.

A lack of energy entails much more than a feeling of tiredness; it results in a situation where opportunities for you to succeed in life may very well pass you by.

Look after yourself and don’t miss out any more!