Hypopressive abdominal exercise tightens your abdominal muscles, slims your waistline, produces visible physical results and prevents the development of hernias, back pains, prolapsed organs and urinary incontinence. It not only enhances sporting performance, but also improves your health and physical appearance.

While carrying out the exercises, your abdominal pressure is greatly reduced, which is the opposite of what happens during all other abdominal training methods and exercises. This drop in pressure helps to protect and even reposition your internal organs, as well as produces a reflex pelvic floor muscle contraction, which helps to reduce your waistline more effectively.

In order to carry out the exercises, you must perform expiratory apnoea, exhaling and conducting the exercises without air in the lungs. This is to ensure a significant reduction in intra-abdominal pressure and to effectively decrease the waistline as the thoracic diaphragm is raised and relaxed. It is important to take into consideration that carrying out the exercises while holding your breath can be problematic for people with high-blood pressure.