For your convenience and security, AmixStore provides you with a number of different payment methods when purchasing at our online store.

Debit or credit card

Purchases by debit or credit card are immediate which will speed up the time it takes to process and dispatch the order.

AmixStore provides an e-commerce payment gateway through which all the data provided are stored on a certified safe server according to the SSL “Secure Socket Layer” protocol, which is why they are encrypted to guarantee maximum security. Under no circumstances will the data be stored in the payment gateway, and they will only be kept during the time it takes to complete the purchase and payment. As such, AmixStore reserves the right to decline the payment of a transaction that is deemed to be unlawful. Each and every activity deemed to be unlawful will be notified to the competent authorities with immediate effect.

The aim is to protect the credit or debit cardholders, thereby reducing the likelihood that the cards will be fraudulently used during the transaction. This protocol is used by Visa, with the designation “Verified by Visa” and by Mastercard with the designation of “SecureCode”.

Note: Payments are always made in euros even if prices are indicated in other currencies. Some banks may charge for the conversion of currencies. AmixStore is completely unaffiliated with this procedure and accepts no responsibility for the same.


Purchases by Paypal are immediate which will speed up the time it takes to process and dispatch the order.

PayPal is a secure method of payment used throughout the world which enables money to be sent to any person with an e-mail address. For further information about this method of payment, please see

Payment paypal has 2% commission.

Bank transfer

Confirmation of a purchase by bank transfer may take 1 to 5 business days, depending on the bank and/or country from which the transaction is issued.

To speed up the order process, you are advised to indicate the “name + order number” in any remarks of the bank transfer and send proof of the same to our customer services department so that the payment identification can be provided and the order dispatched.

The order will be reserved for 7 business days. Once this period elapses, the order will be cancelled. We therefore ask that you make the payment within the established deadline.

AmixStore is completely unaffiliated with any additional fee charged by the bank to the customer and does not accept any responsibility for it.