We have always heard that vitamins are very important for our bodies, that they are found in certain foods and that we can take them in tablet form such as vitamin complexes, but, why are vitamins needed?

Vitamins are compounds that cannot be produced by our body and need to be obtained from different foods that we consume. Vitamin deficiency (avitaminosis) can lead to the development of mild and even serious diseases such as pellagra. Not only does a lack of vitamins prove to be detrimental, but an excess (hypervitaminosis) is also counterproductive for the body, therefore it is essential to take the quantity that our body requires, which will vary according to the different stages of our lives.

There are 13 types of different vitamins: 9 water-soluble (8 from the vitamin B complex and vitamin C) as well as 4 fat-soluble (A, D, E and K) The excess of water-soluble vitamins can be eliminated through urine excretion and fat-soluble vitamins, which cannot be dissolved in water, are ingested with the fat of certain foods.

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